Fertilizing Services, Lawn care, mowing lincoln NE

Our Services


We offer our 2 main programs, and can customize a program for specific needs. We use the highest quality of products and apply them safely and accurately within the limitations of the label. We are certified to apply these products by the state, and have gone through proper training to ensure the job gets done right.


  • Weekly Lawn Mowing

Weekly Lawn mowing includes a set day of the week we visit during the season. We mow all areas, string trim all turf edges and obstacles, then blow off any lawn debris from paved surfaces. 


  • Core Aeration

Core Aeration is one of the most beneficial things you can do for you lawn. It is recommended yearly, and that is why we have built it in to our lawn care program. Core Aeration has many benefits. It reduces soil compaction allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil easier reducing run off. It promotes deeper root growth making your turf more drought tolerant during the summer months. 

  • General Landscaping

We do general landscaping of beds, mulch installation, decorative rock installation, edging, and Retaining walls. We also do shrub trimmings, shrub/small tree removals and installs, and weeding of landscape beds. 


We offer commercial Snow removal and Ice control. We monitor potential storms and are available 24/7 during the winter months. 


  • Commerical grounds maintenance

We have experience in commercial grounds maintenance where we take care of all landscapes, lawn care, irrigation, and snow removal/ice control. A year round service to make us a one stop shop for property.